Market Week New York FW 2020-21

Inspiring Retreats...


Our newest collection was inspired by the comfort and atmosphere of  the second homes we choose as retreats.

Retreats must always be dressed with unique home textiles that provide an unforgettable experience and make us feel balanced and refreshed.

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Seaside livinG

The collection is also influenced by coastal living elegance and sophistication: the amazing wildlife and deserted beaches that receive the windy and cold mornings. Away from the busy and noisy cities, we propose luxurious textiles which convey a calm feeling and are eco-minded and sophisticated timeless pieces made from high quality materials.  

Iconic and long lasting, these textiles, inspired by wild sand dunes and magical and unspoiled place yet to be discovered, glow fashion and challenge trends. Above all they show us how comfortable and cool it can be to retreat by the sea even at the winter’s peak.

Countryside living

Hidden farmlands, small luxury towns and villages, wild forests and mountains and picturesque vineyards are the perfect getaways for the cold season.  These are rural retreats where unknown and wild flowers grow and where we like to gather family and friends around the fireplace.

Creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere to celebrate the perfect winter break, this collection has a vibrant soul, rich in cultural heritage. It includes sustainable products in fashionable colors, which bring comfort, design and craftmanship together. This collection is the perfect celebration of  the memorable moments shared with family and friends at our sometimes-too-short breaks from reality.

Sustainable products & Innovation

Sustainability is one of Moretextile’s guidelines and innovation is always a plus!
The Inspiring Retreats collection includes a wide range of sustainable and wellness products. On top of that, there are also novelties when it comes to packaging and/or production processes.  From products that are produced from recycled textiles and organic cotton blends, to products dyed in an ecological way, to items produced through an eco-friendly process or even wonderful fabric packaging solutions that contribute for the plastic consumption reduction, we have thought about it all!


Use our European brand, in your own collections.

We are happy to offer you the possibility to use some of the oldest textile brands in Europe, which are synonym of tradition, quality and heritage.

Proudly made in Portugal